Chinese Truck Drivers Strike for a Better Working and Living Environment

Chinese Truck Drivers Strike

A large Chinese Truck Drivers Strike was going on during the weekend of June 16th, 2018 in China. Truck drivers got together and protested about the official monopoly, excessive fines and tolls, high fuel costs and unstable policies. They required a better living and working.
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The Death of Wang Fengya: A Cruel Story of Rural Families in China

The death of Wang Fengya

This year, lots of Chinese netizens learned this name: Wang Fengya. She was two years and nine months old and she was suffered with “Eye cancer”, which is called “Bilateral ocular endoblastoma”. Born in a rural family in Henan Province, her family can’t afford the medical expenses for the treatments. Donations came from the whole nation to help this unfortunate family out. However, because of the death of Wang Fengya, the story changed into a twisted version under cyberbullying.
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Ran Xiang – Loving China for Job, Living in America for Life?

Ran Xiang - Loving China for Job, living in America for Life

May 22nd, Weibo celebrity user Ran Xiang posted on her Weibo account: “I was working on the enrollment of my child going to the American public school these days. (In America) all the public schools in the district of your residence, no matter you own a property or rent, must take the children at no charge. No matter you are illegal immigrants, visitors, green card holders or citizens, no matter whether you are a taxpayer of the federal government or not, the school must take in your children for free. As for private schools? Easy, you just need to be able to pay money.” This is a typical look of alleged “Patriots” in China – Loving China for Job, living in America for Life.
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Constitution Professor Was Reported by Her Students

Recently, there was a file being exposed on the Internet. The file was about a constitution professor was reported by her students for expressing disagreement on Xi’s changing the Consitution. This female professor named Zhai Juhong in Zhongnan University of Economics and Law. It said that during April 2018, the students reported that Professor Zhai criticized the constitution revision by the Chinese People’s Congress. Currently, Zhai Juhong has been suspended from work, recorded a demerit and expulsed from the Chinese Communist Party. The university will also submit the suggestion of revoking her teaching certificate.
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