Procedural Justice or Result Justice? – Chinese Comedian Proved Innocent in the United States

Chinese Comedian Proved Innocent

June 4th, 2018, Zhou Libo – the controversial Chinese comedian proved innocent in the United States, he and his wife walked out from the Nassau County District Court in New York State. They dressed up fashionably and looked relaxing. Outside the court, journalists from multiple media were already waiting for their appearances.
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High School Girl Committed Suicide for Sexual Harassment

High school girl committed suicide

“Thank you, brother. I’m leaving.” 19 years old Li Yiyi smiled at the firefighter who came to rescue. Then she let go of his hand and jumped off the eighth floor of a mall building. This high school girl committed suicide for sexually harassed by her teacher.
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Doctors Busted for Dust Lung Diagnosis

Three doctors busted for dust lung diagnosis

A couple of weeks ago, we just reposted a liquor company arrested a doctor for posting criticising article on their products, these days another 3 Doctors Busted for Dust Lung Diagnosis incident came to public.
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