Wang Quanzhang – One Victim of Crackdown on Human Rights Lawyers

People protesting the crackdown on human rights lawyers

August 2015, Wang Quanzhang was arrested by the Chinese police. He became another victim of the 9th of July crackdown on human rights lawyers in China.
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Amazing China – What a Joke!

How People Watching Amazing China

The first month of the Chinese lunar calendar is important for Chinese movies and films. This month is called “New Year movie season”. Similar to the summer holiday movie season in the United States, most Chinese people in mainland China will have an entire week off from work and school to celebrate Chinese New Year. Movies in the theater during New Year movie season have the potential for great box office numbers. In this month, a movie called Amazing China is on every top topic. Why?
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A Delegate Having an Interview with Medias

I was surprised again in a couple of days when China’s holding the National Congress. Please see this delegate having an interview with medias video.
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Car Retrograding at Tiananmen Square

Mar 15, 2018, Car Retrograding at Tiananmen Square – A car broke through security driving fast in the wrong direction in front of Tiananmen. Police stopped the car and arrested the driver who is suspected suffering wrongful treatment.

The Bloody Dilemma – Blood Shortage in Beijing

Blood Shortage in Beijing

The Patients in Despair

Pu Baozhen was a patient with aplastic anemia. On February 6th, 2018, her bone marrow transplant surgery was stopped after 10 minutes. Nobody has found the unexpected worse part is coming – Blood Shortage in Beijing.

That morning, the hospital received a document. It stated: From February 10th, 2018, the “Replacement Blood Donor Policy” would be abolished officially in Beijing. This put many patients who were in need of urgent blood transfusion in a bloodless situation.
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People’s Choice? – Silly Mugs of Those Deputies to the National People’s Congress

The interview of the alleged deputies to the National People’s Congress on Xi’s abolishing term limits for the president. See how hypocritical those suckers are! I truly suggest the Communist Party hire professional actors and actresses with taxpayers’ money, anyhow, it’s correlated to great China’s face, you need the professionals to tell lies like abolishing term limits for the president is real People’s Choice in front the cameras deliberately and shamelessly, not like those suckers running chickenly.

It also revealed a fact that being a so-called deputy to the National People’s Congress needs to be good at toadying, they don’t need a brain to be in that position, not to mention getting to know the people they represent.

Under the Name of Sinicization to Profaning Christianity in China

On January 18th, 2018, the United States reput China to the list of Countries of Particular Concern, according to International Religious Freedom Act of 1998. The governments of those countries on the list have engaged in or tolerated systematic, ongoing, and egregious violations of religious freedom. It’s a very accurate move, at least to China. The new religious persecution campaign is under the name of Sinicization to profaning Christianity in China is happening.

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Where is she? – A sexual assault case in China from 10 years ago

A sexual assault case in China from 10 years ago

At the beginning of 2018, while people were still celebrating the New Year, there were two pieces of news trending on the mainstream media platforms in China. Unlike the inspiring speech President Xi gives on national television, those two headlines are “embarrassing” enough for most of the officers in the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China. One of them is a sexual assault case in China from 10 years ago.
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A Beijinger’s Story in Flu Season in China

A Beijingers Story in Flu Season in China

Name a fatal disease? The answer could be cancer, heart disease, or even AIDS. But how could flu kill people in such a short period? What is living in the flu season in China like?

The flu has never been so brutal like what it was this winter. Globally, 2018 has definitely been a bad year for flu patients: both influenza A and B strains are circulating at the same time; flu vaccines are less effective than expected. 170 children were killed this season so far, and the number still seems to be increasing.
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