Constitution Professor Was Reported by Her Students

Recently, there was a file being exposed on the Internet. The file was about a constitution professor was reported by her students for expressing disagreement on Xi’s changing the Consitution. This female professor named Zhai Juhong in Zhongnan University of Economics and Law. It said that during April 2018, the students reported that Professor Zhai criticized the constitution revision by the Chinese People’s Congress. Currently, Zhai Juhong has been suspended from work, recorded a demerit and expulsed from the Chinese Communist Party. The university will also submit the suggestion of revoking her teaching certificate.
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Amazing China – What a Joke!

How People Watching Amazing China

The first month of the Chinese lunar calendar is important for Chinese movies and films. This month is called “New Year movie season”. Similar to the summer holiday movie season in the United States, most Chinese people in mainland China will have an entire week off from work and school to celebrate Chinese New Year. Movies in the theater during New Year movie season have the potential for great box office numbers. In this month, a movie called Amazing China is on every top topic. Why?
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