A Long Way to Protect Consumer Rights in China

Consumer Rights in China Today

March 15th is the World Consumer Rights Day. On 15 March 1962, former United States President John F. Kennedy said, “Consumers by definition include us all. They are the largest economic group, affecting and affected by almost every public and private economic decision. Yet they are the only important group whose views are often not heard.” Well, 56 years elapsed, how are the Consumer Rights in China today?
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Hangzhou Arson Burned out Chinese Middle Class’s Sense of Security

Facade of the Hangzhou arson

At the entrance of the residential area of Blue Qianjiang, flowers and candles were placed with care in front of the pictures of a mother with her three young kids who are the victims of the tragic Hangzhou Arson.

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Wang Quanzhang – One Victim of Crackdown on Human Rights Lawyers

People protesting the crackdown on human rights lawyers

August 2015, Wang Quanzhang was arrested by the Chinese police. He became another victim of the 9th of July crackdown on human rights lawyers in China.
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