Financial Refugees in China

Financial Refugees in China

Yao Wan lost 380 thousand Yuan, which was his entire saving in 13 years, in peer-to-peer(P2P) lending. Now, he has become one of Financial Refugees in China.
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The Death of Wang Fengya: A Cruel Story of Rural Families in China

The death of Wang Fengya

This year, lots of Chinese netizens learned this name: Wang Fengya. She was two years and nine months old and she was suffered with “Eye cancer”, which is called “Bilateral ocular endoblastoma”. Born in a rural family in Henan Province, her family can’t afford the medical expenses for the treatments. Donations came from the whole nation to help this unfortunate family out. However, because of the death of Wang Fengya, the story changed into a twisted version under cyberbullying.
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Ran Xiang – Loving China for Job, Living in America for Life?

Ran Xiang - Loving China for Job, living in America for Life

May 22nd, Weibo celebrity user Ran Xiang posted on her Weibo account: “I was working on the enrollment of my child going to the American public school these days. (In America) all the public schools in the district of your residence, no matter you own a property or rent, must take the children at no charge. No matter you are illegal immigrants, visitors, green card holders or citizens, no matter whether you are a taxpayer of the federal government or not, the school must take in your children for free. As for private schools? Easy, you just need to be able to pay money.” This is a typical look of alleged “Patriots” in China – Loving China for Job, living in America for Life.
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Looking for Her Husband on Foot—The Tough Path of Li Wenzu’s Safeguarding Rights Activity

Li Wenzu Looking for Her Husband on Foot

On July 9th, 2015, China started to question, assault, and arrest human rights lawyers and activists nationwide. It was called “709 Crackdown” by media. Today, we will introduce the heroic wife – Li Wenzu’s latest story: Looking for her husband on foot!
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The Content Censorship in China Today- A Booming Cultural Market Is a Mirage

Content Censorship in China Today

Everybody knows China enforces very strict content censorship. How is the content censorship in China today? Well, we will start from What the most expected movie was in China of the year 2017? Lots of people would say “Youth” (Fang Hua). This movie was adapted from Yan Geling’s autobiographical novel of the same name. Directed by a well-known Chinese director Feng Xiaogang, it soon became a trending topic on the internet.
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A Long Way to Protect Consumer Rights in China

Consumer Rights in China Today

March 15th is the World Consumer Rights Day. On 15 March 1962, former United States President John F. Kennedy said, “Consumers by definition include us all. They are the largest economic group, affecting and affected by almost every public and private economic decision. Yet they are the only important group whose views are often not heard.” Well, 56 years elapsed, how are the Consumer Rights in China today?
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Hangzhou Arson Burned out Chinese Middle Class’s Sense of Security

Facade of the Hangzhou arson

At the entrance of the residential area of Blue Qianjiang, flowers and candles were placed with care in front of the pictures of a mother with her three young kids who are the victims of the tragic Hangzhou Arson.

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Wang Quanzhang – One Victim of Crackdown on Human Rights Lawyers

People protesting the crackdown on human rights lawyers

August 2015, Wang Quanzhang was arrested by the Chinese police. He became another victim of the 9th of July crackdown on human rights lawyers in China.
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Amazing China – What a Joke!

How People Watching Amazing China

The first month of the Chinese lunar calendar is important for Chinese movies and films. This month is called “New Year movie season”. Similar to the summer holiday movie season in the United States, most Chinese people in mainland China will have an entire week off from work and school to celebrate Chinese New Year. Movies in the theater during New Year movie season have the potential for great box office numbers. In this month, a movie called Amazing China is on every top topic. Why?
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Where is she? – A sexual assault case in China from 10 years ago

A sexual assault case in China from 10 years ago

At the beginning of 2018, while people were still celebrating the New Year, there were two pieces of news trending on the mainstream media platforms in China. Unlike the inspiring speech President Xi gives on national television, those two headlines are “embarrassing” enough for most of the officers in the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China. One of them is a sexual assault case in China from 10 years ago.
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