Inferior Vaccines Scandal happened in China Again – Tragedies to Families

Inferior Vaccines Scandal Happened in China again

Inferior vaccines scandal happened in China again. On February 2011, Xu Yiwen received her second DTP vaccine shot and third polio vaccine shot. A few days after, Xu Yiwen started to have symptoms of fever and convulsions. Her parents received four medical crisis notices in two days. After two month’s medical treatments, she was diagnosed with viral encephalopathy. The doctors told her parents that Xu Yiwen had lost her ability of physical movements. Her brain atrophied and stayed unconscious. After a few major surgeries in two years, the only progress Xu Yiwen made was that she could beat a little drum following her parents’ direction.
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Procedural Justice or Result Justice? – Chinese Comedian Proved Innocent in the United States

Chinese Comedian Proved Innocent

June 4th, 2018, Zhou Libo – the controversial Chinese comedian proved innocent in the United States, he and his wife walked out from the Nassau County District Court in New York State. They dressed up fashionably and looked relaxing. Outside the court, journalists from multiple media were already waiting for their appearances.
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High School Girl Committed Suicide for Sexual Harassment

High school girl committed suicide

“Thank you, brother. I’m leaving.” 19 years old Li Yiyi smiled at the firefighter who came to rescue. Then she let go of his hand and jumped off the eighth floor of a mall building. This high school girl committed suicide for sexually harassed by her teacher.
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Doctors Busted for Dust Lung Diagnosis

Three doctors busted for dust lung diagnosis

A couple of weeks ago, we just reposted a liquor company arrested a doctor for posting criticising article on their products, these days another 3 Doctors Busted for Dust Lung Diagnosis incident came to public.
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Chinese Truck Drivers Strike for a Better Working and Living Environment

Chinese Truck Drivers Strike

A large Chinese Truck Drivers Strike was going on during the weekend of June 16th, 2018 in China. Truck drivers got together and protested about the official monopoly, excessive fines and tolls, high fuel costs and unstable policies. They required a better living and working.
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Constitution Professor Was Reported by Her Students

Recently, there was a file being exposed on the Internet. The file was about a constitution professor was reported by her students for expressing disagreement on Xi’s changing the Consitution. This female professor named Zhai Juhong in Zhongnan University of Economics and Law. It said that during April 2018, the students reported that Professor Zhai criticized the constitution revision by the Chinese People’s Congress. Currently, Zhai Juhong has been suspended from work, recorded a demerit and expulsed from the Chinese Communist Party. The university will also submit the suggestion of revoking her teaching certificate.
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The Doctor Arrested by a Medicinal Liquor Company

The doctor arrested by a medicinal liquor company

Today’s story is sad and is about the doctor arrested by a medicinal liquor company. Tan Qindong, a doctor lived in Guangdong province was recently arrested by Inner Mongolian polices for “damaging business reputation” of a product named “Hongmao Medicinal Liquor”. This incident drew attention national wide after reported by a few Chinese media and this is the 2nd case of a company arresting a citizen for their speech in the year of 2018 in China.
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Reporter Was Arrested for His Fiction by Yili Dairy Company

Reporter was arrested for his fiction by Yili dairy company

A reporter was arrested for his fiction by Yili dairy company in China. Liu Chengkun a Chinese We Media reporter was recently arrested by Inner Mongolia Police for “crime of picking quarrels and provoking troubles” and “crime of defamation”. Liu Chengkun wrote two fictions which were accused of “satirizing the leaders of Yili Group”. But Liu Chengkun’s lawyer believed that Liu’s act didn’t constitute a crime.
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Yue Xin and Peking University — A Female Student Fought for Right to Know in College

Yue Xin and Peking University

Earlier this year, the hashtag “me too” movement was introduced to China by Luo Xixi, a female student who was sexually assaulted by her professor when she was attending college 10 years ago. She posted about this incident on Weibo, and she added the hashtag “me too” at the end of the post. The Weibo post soon started trending on the internet in China. Today, we will introduce a post-“me too” incident in China – Yue Xin and Peking University.
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The Death of Nei Han Duan Zi – Creating a “Clean” Internet Environment?

the death of nei han duan zi

Yuxuan had a sticker on the back window of his car: a smirking cartoon face with four Chinese characters “Nei Han Duan Zi” underneath. Today we will happen to tell the story of the death of Nei Han Duan Zi.

“Nei Han Duan Zi” was one of the most popular smartphone apps in China in recent years. “Nei Han Duan Zi” is a Chinese term for innuendo. On this app, people can read, share, comment on the jokes, funny pictures and videos, and humor.
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