the death of nei han duan zi

Yuxuan had a sticker on the back window of his car: a smirking cartoon face with four Chinese characters “Nei Han Duan Zi” underneath. Today we will happen to tell the story of the death of Nei Han Duan Zi.

“Nei Han Duan Zi” was one of the most popular smartphone apps in China in recent years. “Nei Han Duan Zi” is a Chinese term for innuendo. On this app, people can read, share, comment on the jokes, funny pictures and videos, and humor.
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The shameless company Baidu

On March 26, 2018, Li Yanhong, the chairman, and CEO of Baidu, said at the China Development High-Level Forum: “Chinese people are more open and less sensitive to privacy. In many cases, they are willing to exchange their privacy for convenience and efficiency.”, which exposed the shameless company baidu doesn’t have even a slice care about users’ privacy.
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China Tightening Internet Curb

In December 2017, Wu Xiangyang, a network engineer in Guangxi, was arrested and sentenced by the Chinese authorities for selling equipment that could break the Chinese government’s notorious Great Fire Wall a.k.a GFW. It represented China tightening internet curb again in a more extreme way.
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I was surprised again in a couple of days when China’s holding the National Congress. Please see this delegate having an interview with medias video.
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Mar 15, 2018, Car Retrograding at Tiananmen Square – A car broke through security driving fast in the wrong direction in front of Tiananmen. Police stopped the car and arrested the driver who is suspected suffering wrongful treatment.

Blood Shortage in Beijing

The Patients in Despair

Pu Baozhen was a patient with aplastic anemia. On February 6th, 2018, her bone marrow transplant surgery was stopped after 10 minutes. Nobody has found the unexpected worse part is coming – Blood Shortage in Beijing.

That morning, the hospital received a document. It stated: From February 10th, 2018, the “Replacement Blood Donor Policy” would be abolished officially in Beijing. This put many patients who were in need of urgent blood transfusion in a bloodless situation.
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The interview of the alleged deputies to the National People’s Congress on Xi’s abolishing term limits for the president. See how hypocritical those suckers are! I truly suggest the Communist Party hire professional actors and actresses with taxpayers’ money, anyhow, it’s correlated to great China’s face, you need the professionals to tell lies like abolishing term limits for the president is real People’s Choice in front the cameras deliberately and shamelessly, not like those suckers running chickenly.

It also revealed a fact that being a so-called deputy to the National People’s Congress needs to be good at toadying, they don’t need a brain to be in that position, not to mention getting to know the people they represent.